Saska Diez Papier Bags

April 29, 2009 |

Saskia Diez 135g & 115g Papier Bag

"The different-size traveling bags are made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time extremely robust. The project is noteworthy in many respects, not only on account of the material’s enormous durability, but also because of the high-end finish given to what is actually a banal material. A silk-screen printing technique gives the material a particularly attractive look. A totally different aspect of the series is also remarkable: Classic traveling bags are for the most part made of leather; the use of paper here represents a shift in typology, which reflects a new definition of the traditional idea of luxury. The bags are labelled with a sterling silver flake with an engraved diamond. Tyvek® is 100% recycleble."
Details & photos copied from Saskia Diez.

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