The New Walkman by Sony

May 14, 2009 |

Perfect to be dubbed as "Ipod Touch competitor", Sony released their brand new (cassettes free) Walkman. Just to let you know how advance it is, features of this new Walkman are beyond the usual compared to its tough competitors. Equipped with 3-inch OLED screen, you can watch videos, view pictures and surf the internet in an unparalleled picture quality. Just like the Ipod competitor, it has a touch-screen navigation which can access you everything in just a... touch. Now, get ready for this because you can access podcasts straight to your device without synchronizing it to your PC with Wi-Fi capabalities and you can organize up to 3 stations cache it on your device with Slacker radio. Equipped with Digital Clear audio technologies, you can experience the best audio quality without distortions or distractions. Now competitors may have their disctinct features compared to this new "it" thing, but one thing's for sure, this one's AWWsome.

Available in 16GB for $299.99 and 32GB for $399.99 at SonyStyle.

Source: Men.Style


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