Here are the backstage photos of the Kris Van Assche Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Seeing light layers of fabric complimenting the monochromatic and sporty vibe collection, it seems that some designers divert themselves into the chaotic streetwear fashion. "My inspirations come from the city streets, but also from my travels. For me, a cool look today is a mix of different looks, it has it origins in several countries and cultures. And an African in New York says it all, I think!" explained Van Assche when he was interviewed by Dazed Digital. In fact, from his point of view, i could feel the urban style with the addition of ethnic fashion. Tunics in modern cut along with some loose trousers and some lengthy shorts were the highlight of his collection. But to give emphasis on the shorts, they were all sporty with how the models delivered them to the runway, but with the addition of grey leggings, it showed one of the important things that we want to see in a collection, innovation. Also, Kris Van Assche's new addition to his edgy footwear had the introduction of his own version of the overrated gladiator sandals. But let's face it, it wasn't the revival of the black/brown leather version that we have noticed on various gladiator films. It was, in fact, a breath of fresh air for his collection since it was a combination of a boot and a sandal.

Photo Source: Dazed Digital


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