Imagine your iPhone to be equipped with a very useful party planner, not the "setting the table" thing or whatsoever, but the guide to give you the best liquor shots and shooter recipes. iShot Machine, from Oasys Mobile, gives you the edge among others. With a wide selection of recipes from their database, surely your guests would keep on coming back.

"The shot recipe app for iPhone offers you hours of fun at bars, parties, or even your own kitchen. With over 3,000 shot recipes to choose from you just shake, make, and shoot. You will get a surprise shot every time! It's like a Las Vegas slot machine for shot recipes! Now available on the iPhone App Store."

I love how everything works on this, useful yet handy, not to mention they have the best concoctions around. Strawberry Blond or Vegas Bomb anyone?

Get this for $1.99 here and don't blame them for sudden unusual hair growth. ;D


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