Put Your Name in Lamborghini

July 24, 2009 |

Instead of running a car funded by one or two major sponsors, international motor sport organization, Cool Victory, is accruing team members around the world to put their names on the side of the it’s hot yellow and black Lamborghini. For the approximate price of a meal at McDonald’s, the membership contributions are literally fueling the team’s car.

“It seems the world is full of limitations and exclusive programs only meant for the very few,” says Team Manager Ric Lee. “As a racing team, we know that we’re involved in a sport not intimately accessible to many fans and participants. Let’s face it. Lamborghinis don’t come cheap. We’ve designed an opportunity for those who want to be a verifiable piece of history – who want to know the insider action of this high-speed lifestyle.”

Visit CoolVictory.net for the exciting benefits on signing the membership program.


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