The New LG Chocolate

August 3, 2009 |

LG has revealed the fourth handset of their Black Label Series that will surely give you the superb viewing quality in a 4.0-inch wide screen. The new LG Chocolate (LG-BL40) will gear up the market with their 4.0-inch wide screen high-definition LCD that has an 800 by 345 pixel resolution.

Craving for that crispy photo quality? The "Real VGA" screen feeds that hunger for the best viewing experience as it doesn't only give you the best photo quality but it will also let you experience true-to-life videos or read a more readable documents. And for that wide screen drama, that conventional screen could break away into a 21:9 aspect ratio for a panoramic, cinema-life quality and optimal mobile computing experience.

The slimmer LG Chocolate coming in a glossy black finish and iconic red highlights will be available starting 3rd quarter this year in 54 countries. Visit for more info about LG-BL40.


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