Details: Kris Van Assche's Rules of Style

October 22, 2009 |

Belgian designer and Dior Homme's Creative Director, Kris Van Assche, is the new person to put the latest rules of style at Details. Putting in with his interest on black & white, white shirt, leather jacket along with pairing of pants and high-tops, he has got a very strong message on his first rule which is definitely a reality check (not the most powerful term) on fashion houses and even every designer as well dealing on how people would look like if the design is not as versatile as it could be. Skipping to another rule from him, I thought that the disposable razor topic he had was the less important more interesting grooming rule i heard so far.

"The most embarrassing thing a man can own is a disposable razor. They're for women. And speaking of grooming, there's nothing less flattering than shaved legs."

Click here to read the whole feature.


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