Bedouin Bags

November 14, 2009 |

(L-R: Janissary Laptop Tote, Barbary Messenger Bag)

A bag with high quality feature is an important aspect, and everything follows. Hand made in England, Bedouin is a new brand that offers luggage and accessory equipped with high standards anyone wish to have in an item. The bags are based on the concept of Bedouin tent, "a nomadic shelter, rugged and weatherproof on the outside, whereas inside they offer luxury, shelter and comfort". Putting in with same metaphor, the bags go of the same feature enough reason why it is a high end functional offering.

As for their collection, the brand offers four selection of bags namely the Janissary laptop tote, Medina tote, Barbary messenger bag and Mamluka overnight bag. The bags are waterproof coming in with waxed cotton or waxed canvas surely protecting the interiors and belongings with quality of materials guaranteed for life.

(L-R: Mamluka Overnight Bag, Medina Tote)

Available at Bedouin Foundry.


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