The Gravis for Dale Sneakers

November 7, 2009 |

British footwear retailer Sole Heaven announces the return Shoddy, a London based artist and illustrator to the site popular Custom Kicks arena. As for his obsession of filling the space with his meticulous and unique "patternpaint" technique, the artist had a collaboration with trainer giant Gravis in producing exclusive pair of shoes. Working on with the collaboration, the shoes went from classic to fantastic showing what it's like to have a modern makeover.

‘‘The idea for the pattern came from numerous different sources… I’m a conscious doodler and some of doodles take on a cartoon like appearance, I even have a character that appears in my work. Other doodles have been inspired by patterns I have seen in nature or mathematical creations. The ‘patternpaint’ style is a kind of painted cartoon pattern doodle… … I can, and do apply this pattern to anything that will take the paint. I can see the ‘patternpaint’ style taking over the world, but my short term goals are a bathroom wall, and some antlers’’

Click here to see more of the Shoddy’s ‘Patternpaint’ Custom Kicks Series and to read his exclusive interview.


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