Rootage Latte Boots

December 5, 2009 |

The evolving looks of boots nowadays have quite taken us to some competitive and really confusing selections. From the hybrid looks down to really Gothic style, we've really come across to some amusing designs. But this one's got to cut off that exciting metamorphosis temporarily and remain on a much more basic styling. But it's not really that basic actually. Japanese footwear brand Rootage defines new aesthetic of boots, and it's in the form of their Latte boot style. An interesting detail, the boots are seen with unusual combination of suede and leather materials seen on the upper part. Coming in three colorways, dark brown and black are seen with contrast white stitching detail while cream complemented well with tan leather. All boots are seen with white rubber sole, and lined with synthetic mesh. With all of those aforementioned, quality remains to be a top priority. Now available at Oki-Ni.


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