U-NI-TY Spring/Summer 2010

December 12, 2009 |

UNITY's Spring/Summer 2010 collection was undeniably comfortable and casual. Showcasing classic pieces injected with sartorial disease, the relaxing European vibe of Jean-Pierre Gassa’s new collection was in fact exuberating. Emphasizing on loose silhouettes, the trousers were defining a much more straight forward statement but with differences on cut and fabric. The jackets tried to become less romantic more energetic with some on a hybrid composition and new constructions that are impeccable, not to mention the black shiny dinner jacket that is becoming my favorite this season. As for other pieces, we've come across with really wide selection of shirts, preferrably the white ones, vests, shorts and scarfs along with the tan sandals summing up the whole look of every models.


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