Booji S/S 2010 Bittersweet Collection

April 6, 2010 |

As per colors, vibrancy is totally guaranteed, not to mention the uniqueness of style too. And all credit goes to the house of Booji, Boojihouse or Booji (whatever title you like). Presenting their first full collection entitled "Bittersweet" for SS2010, the focus is mainly attached on the two silhouettes, the Regal-One and Francisco models. Creating few versions of the Regal-One, the details of the shoe includes a lateral zipper closure and a side detachable pouch, perfect for money reservoir or whatever items that should be hidden. Next, the Francisco model is Booji's interpretation of the oxford sneakers with no lines or boundaries in details. Colored sidewalls are added and a velcro lace panel finishes the top. Materials used didn't harm any animals, so you Vegans rejoice.

Booji footwear is available at following stores: Colette, Aimecube, BKRW, and Apartment 16 (All in France). Full collection to be released on April 8th, 2010 in shops worldwide and Booji online shop: For more info on where to buy in your area email:

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