Arms Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

June 14, 2010 |

Arms Spring/Summer 2010 collection features an array of shirts with an inspiration taken from the tools and environments of modern craftspeople or should I also say vital scholastic overalls which does not fades out the likes of grids, paper, stationary, pencil placements and the common act of rubbing-the-arms-on-the-desk behavior.

For this season's collection we've introduced a designer's grid-system into t-shirts and sweats. We've been inspired by the possibilities afforded by a blank sheet of paper. Crisp envelope like folds in shirts and the tips of square details being unexpectedly flipped over. The folds and form of paper is also evident in the initial draping of many of the patterns. Pockets are folded in unexpected directions and glimpses of colour appear unannounced. For women the Love Work Dress has a playful sweetheart line to convey the wearers true love of the studio, the Stationary top is closed by the familiar cord winding action usually found on cardboard folders. All Arms garments are finished with an attention to detail - brightly coloured ribbon loops, 'post it' and pencil pockets, hidden button stands and functional elbow patches - that helps us elevate the everyday.

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