Lacoste 2010 Steel Racquet Collection

July 31, 2010 |

Lacoste have released a collection of four heritage sneakers inspired by the steel tennis racquet invented by René Lacoste himself in 1963.

Steel Racquets Range
All four styles - M85 Mid, René Lacoste, Broadwick and Europa - feature a mixture of metallic fabrics in leather, mesh or reflective material and are contrasted by brown leather details that replicate the handle of the racquet.
René Lacoste SR features suppers of metallic mesh with brown leather detail replicating that on the handle of a racquet, a fitting tribute considering that the shoe was also created by René Lacoste himself the same year he invented the metal racquet.

The three other styles in this capsule also have a mix of metallic fabrics on the uppers and the brown leather handle detail. Broadwick SR has leather uppers in matte steel colour, while M85 Mid SR has mirrored metallic steel leather with some metallic mesh accents on the ankle. Europa SR rounds out this capsule with uppers in the matte steel leather and metallic mesh.

For more about the range and to find out about all of Lacoste's sneaker ranges and stockists, visit 24 Teeth.


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