The ANTI collection is our interpretation of Lars von Trier’s dark and controversial film, Antichrist. Von Trier splits his audiences into extremist factions. We aim to adapt the richly painted, visually powerful and completely unnerving avant-garde film into our ANTI collection.
Methods include incorporating unique dyes, special washes and hand screen printing techniques. Resulting in unique hand made t-shirts and jewellery made to be worn & admired.


RottenFresh Clothing is a self-indulgent project. An experimental project where we have created garments which we choose to wear. We call it sophisticated street wear under the philosophy:

“With Future There Must Be Past”

All our garments are hand made and individually unique, making each item a one off in its own little way. We aim to give the owner a limited, one off piece of art which comes in the form of a garment.

Available at RottenFresh Online Boutique.
More info at RottenFresh Clothing.
Designers: Christian Ørsted & Jonathan Wilkinson
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