Triple L Society was founded in 2007 by young Designer and Entrepreneur Lawrence E. Nurse. Through his unique designing perspective and establishment of TLS, Nurse has created something he likes to call “High End City Wear.” This new and inventive life style clothing brand is the rebirth of classic looks with an impressive modern twist. Triple L Society collections are both neoteric and remnant of primeval style. The collection is designed for a select group of individuals, so to maintain exclusivity and originality, the clothing is produced in limited amounts. The Triple L brand screams originality and makes for a refreshing addition to today’s fashion scene, contributing a keen sense of style and imagination that has never been seen before. While this fact would suffice for many designers, Lawrence Nurse takes his brand to the next level with even bigger intentions.

Triple L Society epitomizes the most highly sought after lifestyle. The three L’s represent a greatly inspired concept: “Live Life Lavish.” But someone who wears a Triple L design can only embody this concept righteously by acknowledging and appreciating the knowledge gained and hard work put into the process of achieving their goals. On top of this, TLS captures the energy and fixation of “the cool”—the embodiment of originality which, Nurse believes, is the key to success!

Lawrence Nurse, the visionary and man behind it all, works endlessly to perfect his craft. His contributions to the fashion industry and art world at large are outstanding for someone so young. He’s been featured in numerous press, media productions, popular blog's, and runway shows as a designer. However, he continues to make even more honorable contributions as a humanitarian—taking part in and donating to a variety of Non Profit Organizations such as The Lupus Foundation and The Harlem Ink Foundation. Nurse’s own L.I.V.E (Live Internal Vital Eternity) Project Foundation in conjunction with Triple L Society , began in 2009 and was inspired by his desire to help those in need and give back to the world that has influenced his work in so many ways. The charity, still new and coming into being, is working to provide to those who are less fortunate.

“As a young designer and entrepreneur,” Nurse explains, “I've faced a lot of obstacles.” There are some people out there that only see things short term and try to hinder your growth. My best word of advice is to live out your dreams and take whatever people say into consideration—but don’t make that your final decision. Create your own image. Originality is key!”

Put Simply: Live Life Lavish…and wouldn't we all love too? Follow the rules and combine these three elements to inevitably yet contentedly live the infinite, incomparable, and one of a kind: Triple L Society.

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Designer: Lawrence Nurse

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