When we say Alejandro Ingelmo, two words would appropriately associate to the label – “Luxury Sneakers”. We all know about the brand, the oh-so-expensive shoes we dig to see but not to purchase (how lucky am I to win a pair of it from a retail store) and the aura that’s quite the same to those French contenders. But it’s good to know that Ingelmo have finally breathed a fresh air, a fresh idea of something that’s quite interesting to say, because he has finally produced a footwear that’s a combination of bespoke-like shoe and trainers. This oxford boot is named after the store’s address at Wooster in NYC and it’s available in two colors – sand and grey. You might want to get it for $395? Come on people, it’s Ingelmo.

Alejandro Ingelmo (51 Wooster Street, New York City)


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