It’s because of the info that my good fellas from Henri Lloyd sent over made me become an instant fan of this Brit electropop band Fenech-Soler. Yeah, few friends of mine have been also virally addicted and for sure, people who dig in Calvin Harris and Foals could settle for this extremely edgy band. Back to the news I posted where HL Music in association with PRS for Music have organized an event headlining Fenech-Soler – and for how many fans have been jealous of this humble event staging at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen could have definitely witnessed the audience turned to be entertained audience. Just like any concerts, there would be front act performers, and Manchester band 1913 did their part with 5 songs of powerful and anthemic set. Then Dj and standup comedian Jeff Leach became a good performer in between front act and headliners. And as the main guys took over the stage, it was an extremely eargasmic tune of ‘Battlefields’ that toned up the “it” people. You know, I couldn’t react more as it’s hard to assume what really happened during the event. But, one thing’s for sure, these guys are extremely cool.

Check out the video after the click.


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