THESOUTHSIDER: Some Sort of Reflection...

February 26, 2011 |

Hey there loyal reader, thank you for your support and continuous visit on my site. Ever since, I’ve been working so hard to update this blog at the same time balance my harsh schedule in school. I don’t earn much from this or get constant high visits but knowing the fact that people still patronize this blog is a good source of motivation along with people who continuously trust their press stories with me. Apologies for the frequent late updates since I’m catching up with the last few demands from college, but sooner, once I graduate hopefully, I’ll make sure to fully focus on this blog and provide you with high quality stories you’ll surely love!

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Maggie said...

I totally understand with a the demanding college schedule it makes it so much harder to be involved with other activities. It doesn't make your blog any less greater <3 :)

I still look forward to reading your posts.

xo Maggie


Thanks Maggie! -TSS

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