April 13, 2011 |

Bringing in again one of their most loved style; FEIT reintroduces the PNTHA HI in three new colorways and made from interesting material called KUDU. “The Kudu is a very large graceful antelope that grazes in the Bushveld areas of Southern Africa. The Kudu is hunted in limited numbers to maintain ecological balance in national parks. Living wild ensures a lean fat to muscle ratio resulting in a strong tight skin. Kudu is both breathable and reversible - both sides of the skin may be used. The skin side is nubuck like and has visible scratches and scars resulting from life in the wild. The reverse side of the skin is softer than the softest suede, with a lush and velvety texture. Although Kudu does not need to be lined, this shoe is lined using French calf skin in order to maintain a sleek well formerd toe, rather than the draping that would otherwise occur.” The PNTHA Hi features hand sewn Goodyear construction and the FEIT Vibran 05 sole. Check it out here.


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