(Peter Werth Bi Fold Studded Wallet with Cardholder available at Brighterman, Comme des Garçons Super Fluoro Small Wallet available at oki-ni, Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet available at oki-ni.)

For the fashion conscious male, a wallet is an essential item within the mens accessories department. It’s an accessory that isn’t typically on show, unless of course, you like to “flash the cash.” So what mens wallets do we recommend? A touch of elegance means leather, and leather wallets for men have consistently held their popularity over the last few years. Attention to details is crucial, paying close attention to stitching and money storage. You want something that looks new, elegant and isn’t going to break easy.

With designers such as Paul Smith producing a variety of wallets based upon colourful designs, a focus on print of the wallet is another factor. A good print design can determine someone’s personality. Coloured leather can really draw attention towards your wallet. Contrasting inner sections, again are recommended. But wallets really should be bought on personal taste. Something that’s going to represent your personality, and something, which suits the way you store your money. But here at THESOUTHSIDER, we have a good eye for a good wallet. Above are some recommended mens wallets to choose from.

Paul McGregor is the driving force behind the company and brand Brighterman, a UK based online retailer that specializes in men's accessories.


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I'm all about the Mojito Wallet from Malcolm Frontier...get a lot of shoutouts for that one:


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