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A tie has been an iconic addition to men’s looks for centuries, with timeless fashion like JFK’s being a huge influence. That touch of elegance and smartness from a tie, has made it become a formal accessory every man owns at least one of. But are we getting tired of the tie?

Brands and designers are consistently looking at elevating your typical men’s tie, with variations adding to the reign of the tie. The latest craze, which has lasted a few seasons now, are skinny ties. The slimmer look makes the addition more cleaner, and a lot more effortless. Fabric changes have been developed, with silk, polyester and knit all leading the way. Striped patterns, block colours, plain ties and even humorous designs have made the shelves. But what does the future hold for the tie?

Mens ties have a future, they always will. Designs will change but the basic features of the tie wont, whether skinny or bowed, wide or knitted. That elegant touch a tie adds to a look is the main reason why we will continue to see ties being worn.

Paul McGregor – King of mens accessories.


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