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Vintage Clothing and Accessories

So men sometimes disregard vintage and retro clothing, as it breaks their comfort zone. Who would want to wear clothing worn by someone else? The heritage of the clothing really adds uniqueness to your style, and is something you should defiantly consider. There’s a solution if you want to add vintage touches to your looks but you’re really not going to break that comfort zone and wear vintage clothing… that solution is vintage mens accessories. This will give you the ability to add that retro, historical feel to your style but with a subtle touch. It won’t draw too much attention towards your change in style, but it will add a historical feel to your look. Common pieces remain vintage ties, hats, belts and bags. My favorite has to be handkerchiefs, which can easily be made into pocket squares.

[Giorgio Armani Cravatee, and Topman by Gelfer Floral Tie both available at Brighterman.]

Vintage clothing and accessories seem to be better manufactured, and are hard wearing and long lasting. I’ve always found a vintage second hand shoe is better wearing than a brand new pair out of the box. Designers have noticed this and started to take inspiration from vintage pieces into their current, new collections hitting the catwalks. So if you’re not daring enough to implement vintage clothing in to your looks, opt for accessories.


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