Stööki Make Your Mark Collection

July 19, 2011 |

Craft makers Luke Hippolyte, Nadia Abbas and Quincey Cassell Williams have conceptualized a marriage of jewelry and streetwear apparels to create an independent brand labeled as Stööki. The brand concept is well fitted to hype up the term premium streetwear as it sees a unique combination of Stööki’s important aspects all combined as one. Coming up with a good collaboration to design a new form of fashion jewelry, the collection is presented with several art installations that coincide with the theme of each piece. For this year, the brand eyes for 3 mini capsule collections that are curated into a series of engagement events which attendees can purchase and interact with highlighted installations.

For their newest collection, entitled Make Your Mark, the brand draws its inspiration from characters and talented people that surround the creative team, East London nightlife, un-conventional street art, and the group’s vision. The shirts feature an interesting design of printed graphics that are well matched with the necklaces. The graphics, which are designed to complement with a certain oversized pendant are some of the coolest premium streetwear clothing I’ve seen so far.

Check out Make Your Mark Collection after the click.


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