Here at THESOUTHSIDER, it’s always been a pleasure to introduce a new brand that sees to plunge into the pool of outstanding and up-and-coming list of menswear providers. One of which is Victor Banks, a Canadian menswear label that was founded by Cole Johnson back in 2010. Named after Johnson’s grandfather, Victor Banks’ pays tribute to the family history of its designers as each piece offered is named after their male ancestors that stretch back to the 1700’s. Moreover, the brand draws its inspiration from the heritage styles of the so-called “Great White North”, while it applies its philosophy of being modesty, classy, patient, and humorous.

For their second collection this year, the brand immerses to being more sophisticated and casual. Mainly, the impressive executions are much appreciated from the clean and tailored cuts of the shirting. Interesting pieces such as The Gerald Pants feature a modern fit and metal button detailing on lower leg, while knitwear pieces are seen through the presence of several pullovers modeled after the classic Aran sweaters. The collection is summed up by a good selection of leather goods, made from authentic cow hide, and suede mid and hi cut boots.

Check out the looks after the click.


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