The Urban Outfitters PRINT SHOP is a curated collection of work from the international artist community Society6. Committed to introducing new art to our customers, Urban Outfitters have continued to add to their selection and are also pleased to bring iPhone cases to the mix. Flexible but still impact-resistant, the plastic hard cases are a new option to showcase your favorite Society6 work, along with gallery quality art prints, iPhone skins or laptop skins.

Check out a few of Urban Outfitters' newest Society6 artists:

British illustrator Gemma Correll creates whimsical, narrative-based work that has been commissioned and exhibited internationally. "I find my inspiration in the world around me: the people that I meet, conversations that I overhear, things that I see," says Correll. "The most banal occurrence can spark an idea that evolves into one of my illustrations." Only posting her favorite personal work on the site, Correll remarks, "These are the illustrations that I had the most fun creating and hope the other members on Society6 will enjoy." She works in her home studio, with her pug Mr. Norman Pickles.

Having graduated with a degree in English literature, Jeffrey Locke is a self-taught artist. "I have been drawing and doodling my whole life," he says, "but it was just recently that I realized I would like to make a career out of my already constant scribblings." Influenced by Art Nouveau, Locke's work uses stippling and fine lines with splashes of color. "I have always liked pieces of art that make you really step close, examine the details, and see how they all interconnect to make the bigger picture." Joining the community last month, Locke is one of Society6's promising new talents.

"I make sure there is always a computer or a sketch book around me," says ELO Designer, a Society6 member since April. Drawing from popular culture, the California-based photo illustrator uses commonplace imagery to create timeless, retro-style posters. Describing his work as "digital collage with an influence of surrealism," ELO Designer creates a uniquely vintage look with modern technology.

Check out the iPhone cases by Gemma Correll, Jeffrey Locke, and Elo Designer after the click.

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