Viva La Vida Tour May-July 2009

April 21, 2009 |

Oh Coldplay, hearing their songs really brings a lot of memories from the past. Songs like The Scientist, Yellow and Clocks were among of those hits that really gives you the drive to have a trip down memory lane. But since they created their new album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends , new tunes and lyrics were heard and a new Coldplay was seen which only proves that this band is really versatile or maybe multi faceted in a way that they could divert themselves into a world where people didn't really expect they could be.

Catch Coldplay on these places and hear Jerusalem bells ringing!
15/05/09: West Palm Beach, FL
17/05/09: Atlanta, GA
18/05/09: Birmingham, AL
20/05/09: Virginia Beach, VA
21/05/09: Washington, DC
23/05/09: Hartford, CT
24/05/09: Hershey, PA
26/05/09: Philadelphia, PA
27/05/09: Saratoga Springs, NY
29/05/09: Scranton, PA (Cancelled)
30/05/09: Pittsburgh, PA
01/06/09: Buffalo, NY
02/06/09: Detroit, MI
04/06/09: Cincinnati, OH
05/06/09: Indianapolis, IN
06/06/09: Nashville, TN
09/06/09: New Orleans, LA
10/06/09: San Antonio, TX
12/06/09: Des Moines, IA
13/06/09: Omaha, NE
15/06/09: Winnipeg
17/06/09: Calgary
18/06/09: Edmonton
20/06/09: Vancouver
21/06/09: Vancouver
02/07/09: Arras
03/07/09: Werchter
05/07/09: Roskilde
10/07/09: Portland, OR
11/07/09: George, WA
13/07/09: San Francisco, CA
14/07/09: Sacramento, CA
16/07/09: San Diego, CA
18/07/09: Carson, CA
19/07/09: Irvine, CA


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