GQ Editorial: The Talented Mr. Dancy

May 11, 2009 |

Hugh Dancy, best known for his roles in Ella Enchanted, The Jane Austen Book Club and Confessions of a Shopaholic, heads to eternal city Rome and poses for GQ. Claire Danes will definitely fall in love with him 10x more with his 6 Italian looks making the talented British sharp and classy.

In case you're wondering why Italian men look good, GQ posted 5 reasons why the they really do.

1. The Year-Round Bronze
Somehow, they maintain their tans. Bastards!

2. Suits that Fit
Always a quarter inch of cuff showing, always just the slightest break in their trousers.

3. The Exposed Ankle
In the warmer months, no socks. Ever.

4. Because Less Is More
The best-dressed Italians keep it simple, relying on perfectly tailored pieces made from excellent fabrics.

5. And Because They Care
A little vanity goes a long way. These guys always make the effort

Source: GQ


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