Not Just A Label: The Shop

May 30, 2009 |

"NOT JUST A LABEL gives birth to a new kind of shopping experience offering unique, one-off designer garments. Addicts and admirers alike now have the opportunity to purchase special and limited edition pieces from designers recognised as the leaders in avant-garde fashion." NJAL

Here are some of the best items found at NJAL that definitely stood out. The silver tux-jacket came from a collection where condractions were brought together, thanks to Renegurskov, it really pulled off. The handpainted jerseyshirt on the other hand, surely can cater to different types of people. Showing versatility and complexity, the paint detail definitely popped out.

Rene Gurskov Silverfoil Denim Jacket
"This collection is for the guys who was caught in the crossfire between parents of 69 and the punk rebellion The big question is, can you be a nice guy and still look sharp and tough!"

Ute_Ploier Transistor "Jerseyshirt Painted"
"The collection is named "Blueprint" and plays with the many transforms, operations and permutations apparent and implied in a single blueprint. Think about it. What do you see in a blueprint? Inversions and enlargements, gradations and duplicates."


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