After they released their album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, new songs were heard and a new look of the band was seen. Over the past few months, Coldplay has been noticed with their infamous jackets with different colors popping out in dark or smokey canvas. Even in The Grammy's, they had their flamboyant jackets with them looking similar to their dark jackets that we have seen previously in their concert tours. Because Coldplay is gearing up with their unique fashion sense, i'll show you some items that are very similar on what they're wearing.

1. Grey cotton jacket from Moncler. Available at Colette.

2. Black slim twill pants from KR3W. Available at CCS.

3. 13ply belt from Nepenthes. Available at Museum Ark.

4. Poorman weapon olive green from Undefeated for Converse. Available at UNDFTD.

5. Abercorn country shooter jacket from Brady x ONETrueSaxon.


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