According to Tomas Maier “We wanted to offer clothes that are particularly individualistic. Changing the shape of the pants and breaking the silhouette with color add an energy, even a brashness, that feels invigorating,” and surely it has an ultra energetic mood with the use of bold colors and some edgy details. Military green looked refreshing in coats, shirts and even trousers. Strong shoulders seen in various suits dominated in cheerful red tone surely is an exciting work from Maier. Trunks seen from the Lund brothers down to Garrett Neff showed different details featuring green floral design and even simple dark toned fabric. Well, the excitement that they want to apply seemed to work for me, with the unusual twist and turns in sillhouettes and colors, this kind of collection is something that they should produce in upcoming seasons, not to mention the colors that complemented the new vibe for the luxurious brand.

Source: WWD


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