TheSouthSider Recommends: Made Loud

June 1, 2009 |

Made Loud promotes indie bands/artists giving them the opportunity to be heard through their online underground community. It started out when 2 bands enthusiasts thought of something that could definitely benefit other artists. Their idea? To create a website that incorporates the content of an indie music publication with the services of an online music retailer.

"Our intent was 1. to create a site that empowers independent musicians to be who they are, maintain creative control over their music and financial control of their sales. 2. By incorporating indie articles and reviews we can get more fans involved with what's going on with indie music, and help independent musicians learn about the newest techniques; to grow and expand their own 'brand'."

So if you're interested, they have hundreds of free legal music downloads to listen to that have been uploaded from their independent bands. ROCK ON! \m/


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