Gucci will launch a pop-up sneaker store that will travel the world starting 4Q this year from their Icon-Temporary project. Along with the tour is the introduction of sneakers from the collaboration between Gucci and Mark Ronson designing limited edition of footwear.

According to Giannini: "From the moment I first sat down with Mark we connected. He has a great eye for design and an amazing knowledge of sneaker history. He is an artist whose influence is cross-cultural and cross-generational."

As you purchse a sneaker from this pop-up store, a custom 12-inch vinyl record with exclusive tracks, produced by Mark Ronson, as a gift with the Gucci Ronson sneaker awaits you. Catch up the pop-up store touring from New York to Miami, coinciding with Art Basel Miami Beach, then onwards to selected cities in Europe and Asia such as London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Source: DD


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