Men's File: Issue 01

August 6, 2009 |

A beautiful concept of going back to the beginning with the use of modern materials surely captivates my thought of looking for an amazing magazine. Men's File magazine, a modern(ist) magazine, traces the roots of style with new photography and stories from real people doing real things. Surely an exciting combination of both contrasting concept, this kind of magazine is a breathe of fresh air to the raging competitions of those glossy ones.

If you happen to be choked by those mainstream effect where everything seems to be shallow and not entertaining your hunger for that in depth knowledge, then Men's File surely goes beyond those things since they tend to give stories that are beyond the norm.

For their Issue 01, they are equipped with interesting topics including classic surfing and burlesque, plus they tested a 1980's Honda Trail with a nude model. Now that's interesting.

Men's File


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