I didn't know what or how to associate Commonwealth Utilities with the proper words before, but not until I glimpsed their preview for this Spring/Summer 2010 and even seeing this whole new collection. Anthony Keegan and Richard Christiansen may have been working hard to make their brand as unique as it is, yet they managed to make Commonwealth Utilities a very fresh and a "to look forward" brand, something that works for me.

For their latest offerings, the collection arrayed several types of shorts (the new trousers) paired in almost all sorts of tops they could offer for Spring/Summer 2010. Colors are almost in black, but pink and white simply couldn't be resist adding a little bit of feminine touch to the collection. As for the location, Astor Place Hair definitely complemented their show, a perfect cut with a fresher look, not to mention the associate words for the brand, it would definitely be dapper and sensual, creating a heck of a show in an unusual place with the most casual yet effortless stylish looks.

Photo Credits: Theo Wargo


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