C.P. Company in collaboration with Aitor Throup releases a special 20th year anniversary edition Goggle Jacket in part of the 20th year celebration of the jacket that was first designed by Mille Miglia. Open to the public, there's an exhibition of the Goggle Jackets featuring new design as well as selected 20 Mille Miglia designs from the C.P. Company archive. Taking place in Henri Moore Gallery at the Royal College of Art in Kensington Gore in London, the exhibition will be open on 23-24th of October from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

waterproof thermo-taping.
2. New ergonomic shape
detachable hood and goggles.
3. New round shape goggles.
4. 3 layer GORE-TEX®
5. Ergonomic driving
shoulder construction.
6. Ergonomic elbow articulation.
7. New waterproof chest
pocket construction.
8. New ergonomic watch
viewer placement.
9. Internal hidden zipped pockets
exposed when driving.
10. Driving gloves attach to jacket.
11. Transforming articulated
driving flap/leg cover.
12. Waterproofed traditional
shape front pockets.
13. Detachable driving pouch
with two compartments.
14. Adjustable cuffs can be zipped up.

"The Mille Miglia Car race, was a one thousand miles open-road endurance race that started in 1927. From 1977 until nowadays, the name was revised in 'Mille Miglia Storica', with all competing cars being pre-1957.

In 1988 C.P. Company sponsored the race and for this special occasion Massimo Osti exclusively designed and produced, as a promotional piece for the Mille Miglia competitors, the very first Goggle Jacket. This first version was personalized with the unmistakable red arrow of the 1000 Miglia® logo and featured the hood with incorporated goggles and the watch viewer placed on the left wrist.

From the very first jacket made for the sponsoring of the Mille Miglia car race to the special edition created in collaboration with Aitor Throup to celebrate its twenty years, C.P. Company’s journey is told through the different steps of its iconic item which, season after season, has been subject to continuous transformations and experimentations. A story of materials, special treatments and shape research."

C.P. Company


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