Rene Gurskov Spring/Summer 2010

October 13, 2009 |

If last season was inspired by Outdoor English style, well it didn't go far around the globe for Rene Gurskov to define his On Holiday collection as the Danish designer delectably lavished on the interesting patterns bestowing exoticism and some essence of weekend holiday.

"The on holiday-collection – fashion for the travelling guy.
A guy who likes both the notorious island Amager and the laid-back faded glam of the French Riviera .
He dresses like a mix of prince Naseem and Donatella Versace.
Active wear mixed with latino decadence.
The football fields of Amager requires a certain degree of practical clothing - and at la Croisette he just needs to look good.
The collection offers a various range of prints – palmtree and an animal fantasi and of course the latino classic leopard print.
The colours are rainy blue/black and the golden colours of wildlife animals – added up with all the bling an European prince can require."


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