Edwin x Pendleton Woolen Mills Shirt

January 12, 2010 |

Another collaborative good news, Edwin and Pendleton teams up in a special shirt project with limited run of 300 pieces. From the collaboration, two excellent mills were brought together namely Kaihara of Japan and Pendleton Woolen Mills of Oregon, USA. "Established in 1951 with 34 machines, by 1970 the Kaihara mill had developed indigo rope dying machines and started a delivery of rope dyed denim in Japan. By the early 90s the mill introduced ring yarn spinning and vintage production by narrow width shuttle machines. Kaihara is renowned for the sanforised selvedge it’s produced for decades." As for Pendleton Woolen Mills, it needs no further information as it continues to be the supreme provider of woolen garments. 

Edwin x Pendleton Woolen Mills shirt will be available at retail this July.
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