What's Good on Sunday? To-orist Spring/Summer 2010

January 24, 2010 |

I was about to post this when I received the info, but I needed to wait for Sunday since this would be a worthy feature for WGS. UK brand To-orist releases their Spring/Summer 2010 offerings with some interesting pieces. Digging in more with the brand name first, you'll definitely find these definitions entertaining. TO-ORIST (pronounced 'tourist') n. 1. A neurotic fixated on exploring unchartered territory whether physically or mentally with no limitation. 2. An object of situation that appears Jarring. 3. SHEER ABNORMALITY

Clearly, I was impressed with the Jumangi meets James Dean bomber jackets. Tapestry featuring animals and floral details coming in both with oriental lining made it even more interesting. Also, the humble cotton shirt, which I didn’t expect will come, had genius inclusion of paisley and zip details on the shoulders. Advancing with contrasting ideas, the scientific inspiration were too much of a science when view afar on some shirts, but when zoomed in, both were actually sailing on the same direction after seeing leopard prints on the graphics of the rocket space ship and binocular t-shirts. Creative, genius and beautiful. Now available at Oki-Ni.

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