Sorry Ty if I had to let you wait for Sunday since CMRTYZ is my special feature! Ok, I have been a big fan of the shredded style since I first saw it on a particular online shop. But seriously, the method and process of achieving this is really difficult and that alone should be acknowledged. And yeah, I know for a fact that the shirts are big hit (it sold out like hotcakes ya'll) and AnOther even reblogged it to their reader section. Thanks to... ehem ehem.  

Jumping from intros to some worthy infos, CMRTYZ is up with new offerings, and here's something you might be digging in. The name, "Death Cowl" (pictures below). Shredded as it is, the styling is similar to the shirts we've came across before. Cowls are usually seen on religious orders but the brand gave an edgier approach with their signature shredders. Coming in black color, expect this beauty at retailers soon! Also, CMRTYZ is supporting Dead Ghost band. Promoting their records, they are doing limited run of 250 with hand silkscreen album art and limited run of 50 with hand silkscreen deluxe packaging which includes the hand silkscreen band tee shirt, the vinyl record and other special goodies. 

And for that, here's a leak of Dead Ghost's "What to Do":

(Click to Enlarge)

For more info regarding the Death Cowl and Death Ghost package, visit CMRTYZ.


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