After being hit by the most powerful earthquake in a century, more than a million people in Haiti suffered damage and loss of catastrophic proportions. Urban Outfitters is responding by partnering with contemporary label Apolis Activism to offer a Restore Haiti T-Shirt. Supporting developing nations since 2004, Apolis Activism provides job opportunities for economic growth by sourcing local labor to create its premium materials and designs.

All proceeds from the sale of this Restore Haiti T-Shirt will benefit immediate relief and sustainable development efforts in Haiti through the non-profit organizations charity: water and Invisible Children. Dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing nations, charity: water is leading the campaign to help Haitians build long-term freshwater solutions for their communities. Joining charity: water, Invisible Children will use its strong youth following and social networks to promote awareness of the Restore Haiti cause.

The unisex T-Shirt will be available in stores and online at beginning March 15.


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