Miharayasuhiro Suede Sandal Boot

April 15, 2010 |

The movement of fashion innovation is continuously ascending and I am excited for the day when footwear like this would become plain as Jane to the majority, or, become boring and has a lot of revamped versions. But staying to our present time, this would be appreciated by several people for sure. It's not that the style is quite unconvincing for some but it isn't too familiar for them yet. As I call myself a "menswear addict", the greatest thing about the whole perspective is that I could easily sort out things that are uniquely beautiful to uniquely ugly. And this one's on the positive side of course.

A perfect addition to that summer look, this black and brown sandal with black suede boot from Miharayasuhiro is a minimal semi-hybrid footwear. "A leather strap rests over the toes. Lace-up detail. Stacked flat sole. Suede detail reaches mid calf." The design is interesting as the rear part of the sandal is a replica of the formal leather shoe complementing the whole unique layout. Available at Browns.
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