Oki-Ni's John Skelton talks to London based designer Omar Kashoura as part of their 'New Faces of Menswear' feature. The interview went well as John Skelton opened up some topics regarding his inspirations, and aspirations plus his opinions regarding the importance of supporting the new talented menswear designers. More about his personal views, I love this part of the interview:

John Skelton | As a designer do you set out with the intention of creating a brand?

Omar Kashoura | I think at the beginning you set out to become a brand, to create a brand but after 2 seasons you're like 'forget the brand, I want to make money!'. As a designer, to see that your line is going to turn into a big brand is quite a distant thing and a bit of a dream really. But for me personally, quality is the most important thing. You can tell when the product has been made in an Italian mill, and that's when it becomes a brand. That's more what I want to happen- to be supported by one of these mills and have them produce everything from sample to production. I am very involved in the sample process, I do a lot of sewing myself and I enjoy it but it does get really frustrating trying to maintain quality and still keep up with demands of being a young designer.
Read the full interview here.
Check out his collection here.

Photo Credit: Style Salvage


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