Ok, WGS feature of the blog is the only thing that shows the personal side of mine. And yeah, I'm going to emphasize more on my personal stuff every Sunday. Something that would bring out my concerned thoughts and put to shame or fame (feeler!) those bizarre stuff. Anyway, out of searching coolness this boring Easter Sunday of mine, I kind of came across with this really amusing San Fransiscan cat fight. Well it's not scripted, it's totally real! Here's a quote from the user:

"Oct 7, 2009 10am, Chinatown San Francisco. This fight occurred on the Muni Stockton route (the 9 i think) just before the stockton tunnel. As you can see, a simple argument about seat-hogging quickly turned into a full blown brawl. It's pretty clear who threw the first punch, you can see the bus' serial number, and the exact time in the video. By the way, this is the same bus where I was attacked 3 weeks ago, so I thought documenting the event was the most important thing I could do. This fight was NOT reported by the driver OR by the MUNI person who happened to be at the final stop (Stockton and Sutter). I'll be walking to work for a while."

Pretty sure it started shallowly and ended up with serious fun. haha! Anyway, Happy Easter Sunday!


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