Urban Outfitters x Society6 Print Shop

April 8, 2010 |

Urban Outfitters has partnered with international artist community, Society6, to made possible the Urban Outfitters Print Shop. Launched this April on Urbanoutfitters.com, the Print Shop showcases the works of emerging artists, which can be selected and printed as a gallery-quality art print, iPhone skin or laptop skin, and will be printed and shipped directly to costumers by Society6. Also part of this launch, selected artists' exclusive works will be featured on the site's Secret Places collaboration corner, an exciting part where Urban Outfitters made them interpret what secret places, hidden spots, dream destinations and "someplace else" looks like to them.

Here are the featured artists:

NATSUKI OTANI is a Tokyo-born illustrator living and working in England. A graduate of Norwich University College of the Arts, she draws freehand illustration and also works digitally in a range of styles to produce a wide variety of work in her unique authentic way.

JEROD GIBSON is a designer from Madison, WI. Jerod has a simple-worn-vintage style of design that is reminiscent of the early '80s and often creates his concepts based on memories of when he was young.

HELLOWILSON, better known as Rachel, is a Yorkshire girl currently living in Italy and a recent graduate from Kingston University. Having first studied English Literature at Oxford University, she worked for a time in publishing but returned to her first love of making things. Her versatile work spans everything from branding and book design to highly patterned illustrations of sea creatures and scooters.

JILLIAN NICKELL is an illustrator, designer, and educator. A graduate of the University of Illinois, she works as a designer and a freelance illustrator, with moral support from her pet parrot. She often lends her talents to gig posters and silkscreens many of her designs.

RICARDO VAZQUEZ, who goes by the name Cartón de Leche, was born in 1984 in Mexico City. A graduate in Design and Visual Communication from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, he specializes in contemplative works in which animals are an indispensable source of inspiration.

top (left-right): Natsuki Otani, HelloWilson
bottom left-right): Jerod Gibson, Ricardo Vazquez


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