For the love of bracelets, I do consider it now as a necessity ever since I started compiling different style of that particular accessory on my right wrist. Name everything, from beads to multicolored laces, that goes to show that I do fancy any variations and colors as well. Early last week, I caught up with two bracelets that I believe caused another severe drooling over my inner demands.

First comes from Robert Geller. Very masculine, sophisticated and really industrial. It kind of reminded me of the wood woven bracelets that you can purchase on souvenir shops. This time it's modernized and covered with real luxury.

Another is from Kiel James Patrick. I feel a masculine Bohemia vibe over these accessories. The bracelets are composed with high quality hand braided cotton cords. The price? Even more lovely.

Just hate the fact that Robert Geller's would cost me big bucks. I don't think it's practical but sometimes we get to blinded by our own desires... which rips our pockets. Can somebody throw in some quick cash?

(Robert Geller via Blackbird Ballard)


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