What's Good on Sunday? My Green Leader

May 9, 2010 |

On Monday (May 10, 2010), Philippines will be voting for a successor to the oh-so-short incumbent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. You see, I have been a prisoner to this country for the past few years and for the record, I had no option with those times to exercise my right of suffrage since I was still underage. But now, I'm a full pledge Filipino citizen with the power to choose who to rule my country.

Well, this year's candidates are quite interrelated with colors and charisma. Just like this, if you're into yellow, then you go for the son of the iconic mother of our democracy, but if you're into orange, then you go for the richest senator in the Philippines. In today's election period, they also included the once ousted president of our country. (When will they move on!?)

We have a lot of options to choose from but one of them really caught my attention, and he is my green patriot - Gilberto Teodoro. He may not have the rags to riches story which the other presidentiable is telling us, nor he may not have the iconic parents, but with him, I can sense that he can lead the country to a better position with his sincere and honest purposes. I won't dig in with his specific platforms but definitely my vote goes to him and he will definitely be a good leader to my home country.

Also, I'm hoping for that f*cking automated procedure to please not screw up on Monday... I know it's a first but please be successful for our sake. And oh, I almost forgot this, Mr. Teodoro has the most beautiful wife out there, and she could be lined up with Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy once Teodoro wins.


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