Random is Beautiful a solo art exhibition by KS

Every face has some unique features that cannot be replaced, that is why people have tried every means to conserve their best moment since the old times. Before computers or photography came along, having a painter draw yourself a portrait is a symbol of status. Face has a mysterious and intriguing power; some faces manage to make you recognize them despite all the faces around you. After careful observation, you will never find the repeat boring. In fact drawing is a very subjective technique, because how you want to express really depends on yourself. I like drawing portraits because I can decide what I want to express and where I want to leave it blank; I can adjust the details according to my mood, and the details can always show the painter’s feelings. I would think if a realistic drawing (e.g. Photographic Art) has forgone the subjectivity of the painter in order to raise the objectivity, as the real thing must be at the bottom of one’s heart. Whose face would you think of when you’re alone?

每一張面孔都有著某種獨特到不能磨滅的特質,所以有史以來都有人希望用盡 方法留著自己認為最好的一刻,從前沒有電腦或拍照,而找畫家替自己畫肖像漸漸成為了某種身象徵。臉孔更有種神秘力量與吸引性,當你置身於人海中,總會有些臉能令你從眼花繚亂中找到出來,在經過觀察,你永遠看不到重覆的悶納。而其實,繪畫只是種形式上的主觀技巧,要怎樣去呈現這些觀察都是任 意的,我喜愛繪畫(人像)都因為甚麼都可以隨著自己的喜惡安排應該需要詮釋或空白的地方,隨著自己的心情作出調節,那些細節都最能顯示到畫家的情 感,所以我會在想,看到像真(如照相寫實主義)的畫是否只會提高可觀性而忽略了畫家的主觀個性,因為內在的永遠才是最真實。當你獨處的時候,又會想起哪一副面孔?
- KS

The opening night of Random is Beautiful will take place on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at Above Second Gallery between 6 pm and 10 pm (details below).

Random is Beautiful a solo art exhibition by KS
Friday, August 6th, 2010
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
31 Eastern Street
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
p: 852.3483.7950


Jasper Wong – Above Second
e: jasper@above-second.com
p: 852.9861.1506

KS – Artist
e: kahsone@gmail.com
p: 852.9477.4059

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Special thanks to Jasper Wong of Above Second!


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