Artsy Party: Illustrations by Jasper Wong

October 4, 2010 |

Here's another addition to the blog. The Artsy Party side. It's my first venture to arts appreciation and expect neither detailed reviews nor it's-my-world content as it would plainly revolve to illustrations, graphic designs or things that are related to it, along with interesting contemporary artists building their names above flamboyant and chaotic madness.

To start off, here are some illustrations from a great friend of mine, Jasper Wong. Visually entertaining sketches you think might have started from a newly sharpened pencil, the result is either patterned Wong creatures or halftone dotted humans. His works are mostly filled with soft shades of cyan, magenta, and yellow, or seen on a monochromatic approach. What I love most about his art is the east meets west combo taken from liberalized design ideas properly blended with Asian vibe and calligraphies being noticed on his signature works.

Check out his works after the click.

(Click to Enlarge Photos)


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