Sibling London Fifth Collection at LN-CC

January 25, 2011 |

LN-CC recently added to their list of retailed brands this interesting London-based label named Sibling. Launched by design trio Cozette McCreery, Joe Bates and Sid Bryan on the year 2008, Sibling London have made it to the men’s knitwear market with a trademark of playful creations made for modern man with a sense of style and humor. Their designs juxtapose high quality, bright colors, and bold graphics that are always inspired by traditional knitwear concept but holds twisted ideas that revolve around youth tribes, music and art.

For the label’s fifth collection, the trios have dealt with some collaboration that includes several musicians, photographers and artists. Coming from it are the Tim and Sue sweaters that was made possible through teaming up with artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Also part of this collection is a non-collaborative piece that is the hand knitted biker jacket, a collared piece that is made from black woolen knit with silver zips and two side pockets, all in a biker silhouette. Now available at LN-CC.

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